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K. was a Japanese pop singer with avex sublabel cutting edge in the early 2000's. Note that K. (spelled with period) is a different person from Korean R&B singer K (spelled without period).


  • Name: K.
  • Date of Birth: 1973.04.30


K. made her vocal debut with a band called Groovy Boyfriends in 1994. She was discovered by Takahashi Taku (m-flo) in 1999. Both Taku and VERBAL of m-flo contributed to producing K.'s early singles and first album. K. continued to colloborate with many artists, which led to her second album, Keynote. Keynote was the result of works by many prominient music producers, and included K.'s most successful single, Saigo no Cider (最後のサイダー), a fun song you can't help but start dancing to when you hear it. After a brief hiatus, K. returned in 2003 with a 3rd album, though her music career ended shortly afterwards.




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