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Morimoto Shintaro

Morimoto Shintaro (2012)
Morimoto Shintaro (2011)

Morimoto Shintaro (森本慎太郎) is a Japanese Idol singer and actor.






  • Admired Sempai Takizawa Hideaki
  • Hobby: Soccer, reading manga, games
  • Skills: Soccer, Karate, baseball
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • Favorite Color: Black and Red
  • Favorite Food: Salmon sushi.
  • Dislike: Vegetables
  • Favorite Drink: Cola
  • Favorite type of girl: Cute, and friendly
  • Favorite Song: "Everything" by Arashi, "Kimagure JET" by Takizawa Hideaki and "Kisek" by Takizawa Hideaki
  • Favorite Movie: "Jaws"
  • Good Friends with: Otsuka Yuya, Tanaka Juri, Kikuchi Fuma

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