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SixTONES promoting "GONG / Koko ni Kaette Kite" (2024)

SixTONES (ストーンズ, pronounced stones) is a J-Pop band formed by Johnny & Associates. The group was a sub-unit of Johnny & Associates' pre-debut trainee group, Johnny's Jr., but made their simultaneous debut with fellow Jr.'s group Snow Man in 2020.



SixTONES promoting "Imitation Rain / D.D." (2020)
SixTONES promoting Koe (2022)
SixTONES promoting THE VIBES (2023)



Video Releases


  • [2020.11.18] ananAWARD 2020: Grand Prize
  • [2020.11.26] GQ Men of the Year 2020: Pop Icon of the Year
  • [2021.03.16] 35th Japan Gold Disc Awards: New Artist of the Year (Japan); Best 5 New Artists (Japan); Single of the Year (Japan) – "Imitation Rain / D.D."; Best 5 Singles (Japan) – "Imitation Rain / D.D."
  • [2022.03.14] 36th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 5 Albums – 1ST
  • [2023.03.10] 37th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 5 Albums – CITY
  • [2023.08.24] The 116th The Television Drama Academy Awards (Spring 2023): Best Theme Song – "Kokkara"
  • [2024.03.13] 38th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 5 Albums – Koe

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