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B.A.D. (Japanese group)

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B.A.D. is a Kansai Johnny's Jr. group.



  • B.A.D. is now the longest lasting Kansai Jr. group, after Kanjani8 debutet.
  • They are like the leader of Kansai Jr.
  • In 2014 the debuted as members of Johnnys' WEST.


  • Gokusen 3


  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. @ Osaka Shochiku Summer concert 2008 (2008August 19th-28th)
  • All Kansai Johnny's Jr. Summer Concert 2010 in Osaka Jo Hall (2010 July 28th-29th)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2010 (2010 December 4th-25th):
    • 7-9th, 13-16th, 20th, 23th, 25th: B.B.V. (B.A.D. + BOYS + Veteran)

Musical/Stage Play

  • Beautiful Sunday [ビューティフル・サンデイ] (2012.02.23-03.18) (Kiriyama Akito)