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Is a Kansai Johnny's Jr. group.



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TOP Kids

TOP Kids was a Kansai Johnny's Jr. group with three members: Nakayama Yuma, Fujii Ryusei and Kamiyama Tomohiro. In 2007, they joined Kotaki Nozomu, Shigeoka Daiki, Shingaki Yuto and Takemoto Shinpei to form Hey! Say! 7 WEST.

Hey! Say! 7 WEST

In Kanto, a Johnny's Jr. group called Hey! Say! 7 was created. The creation of a similar group for the Kansai Juniors called Hey! Say! 7 WEST followed after. "Hey! Say!" is pronounced Heisei, which means that the members were all born in the Heisei era. The group was formed in 2007, thus the "7" in their name. The "West" means that the group originated from Kansai. They were later renamed Nakayama Yuma w/ Hey! Say! 7 WEST.

In 2009, Nakayama Yuma debuted with the Kanto Johnny's Jr. group, B.I.Shadow, as Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow with the single Akuma na Koi, which was used as the ending song for Nakayama's third drama Koishite Akuma. In March 2010, Nakayama joined with Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuuri to form NYC.


Due to Nakayama Yuma's increasing solo and NYC-related activities, the remaining six continue on with their own separate group activities under the name 7 WEST.

On 2012, Shingaki Yuto and Takemoto Shinpei left Johnny's Entertainment. Their recent activities can be seen mostly at their Twitter.

Johnnys' WEST

2014 the 4 members debuted as part of Johnnys' WEST.