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Hey! Say! 7

Hey! Say! 7

Hey! Say! 7 is a Johnny's Jr. unit. The name stands for that all members are born in the Heisei era and that the year of their formation was 2007.



Hey! Say! 7 made their first appearance on KAT-TUN's spring concert 2007 that started in April. They started appearing in idol magazines in June as an individual group.

On the 13th of June, it was announced that they would sing the next opening to the popular anime Love★Com. Three days later on the 16th it was announced that Hey! Say! 7 would release a single on August 1st, titled "Hey! Say!". The single contained both the opening and ending themes to the anime.

On September 24th, Hey! Say! JUMP was created including the members of Hey! Say! 7.



Unreleased Songs

  • Fatalism
  • The one