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M.A.D. (Musical Academy Dancing) is a Johnny's Jr. unit.


Former Members


Musical Academy


They Budou

Johnny's Junior

Former Johnny's


This unit is one of many dance units within Johnny's Entertainment thats dedicated purely to dance. The unit has gone through many members of the agency working as a temporary unit. Junior Boys, which is treated as the younger brother unit of M.A.D. is also the unit where most of the members of M.A.D. begin from.


First formed in 2000 by MA member Machida Shingo and 4 others Ryouchi Matsugi, Ishida Tomokazu, Oohori Haruki and Fukuhara Kazuya. Adding members through out the year, the unit went from 5 members to 9 members. Amongst the 9 members were KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi alongside Mori Yusuke, Hagihara Yukito and Shimada Naoki who replaced Oohori and Fukuhara.

In 2001, the unit welcomed Noda Yuya along with Kobayashi Koichi and Nakamura Sho as its newest additions. As the unit was only a temporary place for many members, 7 new members were welcomed, Okada Seiji, Uchizawa Yuto, Ito Tatsuya, Hashida Yasushi, Hisagehashi Ippei, Hasebe Hayabusa, Watanabe Satoshi replacing existing members Ryouchi, Akanishi, Ueda, Nakamaru, Mori, Nakamura and Machida putting the unit at 12 members. In 2002, no new members were added to the unit, but the member count went down to 6 with Hagihara, Ishida, Shimada, Hashida, Uchizawa and Hasebe leaving the unit.

In spring 2003, M.A.D. was joined by ex-BIG member Fukuda Yuta, and two new members, Matsuzaki Yuusuke and Miyagi Shunta but at the same time losing Kobayashi, Okada and Hisagehashi. The unit only changed in terms of losing members for the duration of the year and in the upcoming year, members were moved to new units such as F.M. Tokyo.

In 2005 September the unit was reformed alongside other junior units, this time putting the unit's count to 14 members. Members joining the unit were ex-B.B.A. member Waragai Ryouta, F.M. Tokyo members Tatsumi Yuudai, Koshioka Yuki and Kawamura Ryo, Ta Gumi members Ikeda Yuu and Eda Tsuyoshi, ex-K.K.Kity Takeuchi Kohtaro, Junior Boys' Kato Yukihiro, and new juniors Yamamoto Ryota, Hayashi Shota, Maeda Hirotoshi T. J. along with the return of existing members Noda Yuya, Matsuzaki Yuusuke and Fukuda Yuta.

The year 2006 brought again new members but also the loss of one member, Waragai. The 7 new members were Matsumoto Kota, Inaba Hikari, Ookubo Akimasa, ex-J.J. Express member Yamashita Takumi, Junior Boys members Akiyama Taiga, Takahashi Ryu and Tomioka Kento. This put the unit to 20 members and in 2007 the unit's count went up with the addition of 4 new members, making it 24 members. The 4 new members were Kosaka Masato, Fukushi Nobuki, Imai Ryuusei and ex-J.J.express member Asaka Kodai.

Unit Name

The official name for the unit today is M.A.D. which is short for Musical Academy Dancing. The idea of the unit comes from the junior unit Musical Academy, which was formed simply for members who loved to dance. Following the same idea, the first M.A.D was formed in 2000, that is now referred to as Shodai M.A.D. which translates to First Generation M.A.D..


  • [2001] PLAYZONE「EMOTION~shinseiki~」 (〜新世紀〜)
  • [2001-2002] SHOWGeki・SHOCK (SHOW劇・SHOCK)
  • [2002] PLAYZONE2「Ai shi」 (「愛史」)
  • [2006] Endless SHOCK
  • [2006] Takizawa Enbujou (滝沢演舞城)
  • [2006] PLAYZONE '06「Change」
  • [2007] Seishun Dendekedekedeke (青春デンデケデケデケ)
  • [2007] PLAYZONE '07「Change2Chance」
  • [2007] World's Wing Tsubasa Premium 2007 (World's Wing 翼 Premium 2007)
  • [2008] Endless SHOCK
  • [2008] Takizawa Enbujou '08 LOVE (滝沢演舞城 '08 命(LOVE))
  • [2008] PLAYZONE FINAL「1986-2008~SHOW TIME Hit Series~ Change」
  • [2008] World's Wing Tsubasa Premium 2008 (World's Wing 翼 Premium 2008)
  • [2009] Endless SHOCK
  • [2009] Takizawa Enbujou '09 Tackey & Lucky LOVE (滝沢演舞城 '09 タッキー&Lucky LOVE)

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