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Butoukan (舞闘冠) is a junior group of Johnny's Entertainment.



At 23th December 2006, on The Shounen Club, Takizawa Hideaki, who made a guest appereance, announced that he would like to produce a segment for the show. Thus in 2007 he began an audition, which was previewed on The Shounen Club.

That year, on the Christmas Special show of The Shounen Club (aired 23.12.2007), he announced that he has created a new group, Butoukan (舞闘冠) [舞 = dance, 闘 = fight, 冠 = crown/ best]. As leader, he choosed Yara Tomoyuki. 3 other members, Tsukada Ryoichi, Yamamoto Ryota and Senga Kento, were choosen from different Kanto Jr. groups. And to make this group more special, Hamanaka Bunichi, who is a Kansai Jr. also was choosen to be part of this group.

For this announcment, Takizawa Hideaki gave them the song Now and forever and directed the music video making for this song.

Basicly all of the members work seperatly as member of other groups. But sometimes they make an appereance in The Shounen Club and perform as Butoukan.


  • By the time this group was created, most of the member were already member of other groups:
    • Yara Tomoyuki was a member of MA
    • Tsukada Ryoichi was in A.B.C.
    • Senga Kento was in Kis-My-Ft2
    • Yamamoto Ryota was in M.A.D.
    • Hamanaka Bunichi wasn't in any group, but he is the only one from Kansai
  • In 2009 they did a CM for a COMBAT Roach Trap

Original Songs

  1. Now and forever (2007)
  2. C=Normal (2008)
  3. Sweet Butterfly (2008)
  4. Grateful world (2008)
  5. Yuki no Furu Hi (雪の降る日) (2009)
  6. COMBAT no Uta (COMBATのうた) (2009)