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Kis-My-Ft was a Johnny's Jr. group that was modelled after Hikaru GENJI. They were originally a seven member unit but ultimately ended up with just four members.

Original Members


The original group Kis-My-Ft was formed in early March 2004 and was first introduced on Shounen Club by Masuda Takahisa of NEWS. One month after they were formed, Matsumoto joined J.J.Express, and so Masuda Takahisa, who actualy already debuted, filled in temporarily as the 'M' in Kis-My-Ft. Later on, Tomita was put back as a Junior, Senga became a member of A.B.C. Jr. together with Miyata Toshiya, Tamamori Yuta and Nikaido Takashi. Mean while, Masuda became busier as part of a debuted group, NEWS. So Kis-My-Ft was left as a 4 member group.

In the end of March 2005, Kis-My-Ft were joined by ex-K.K.Kity member, Takeuchi Kotaro, and Jr Boys' Kato Yukihiro. They were not official members of Kis-My-Ft but they performed together during SUMMARY of Johnny's World and Shounen Club, just like Jr Boys did for K.K.Kity.

In 2005, this group was combined with A.B.C. Jr. and became a new group with the name Kis-My-Ft2.

Since they were modelled after Hikaru GENJI, they were known for wearing roller skates during most of their performances and also for performing Hikaru GENJI's songs Paradise Ginga, StarLight, Kaze no Naka no Shounen, Winning Run, Garasu no Juudai and many more.