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Fujigaya Taisuke

Fujigaya Taisuke, 2012
Fujigaya Taisuke

Fujigaya Taisuke is a member of Johnny's Entertainment group Kis-My-Ft2. He is the 'F' in Kis-My-Ft2.


  • Name: Fujigaya Taisuke (藤ヶ谷太輔)
  • Nicknames: Taipi, Gaya, Tai-chan, Fujigaya-otousan
  • Birthdate: June 25, 1987 (1987-06-25) (age 33)
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Family: Parents, two younger brothers
  • Hobbies: Rollerskating, dancing, singing, acting, writing lyrics, and shopping
  • Strong Point: Always cheerful
  • Weak Point: Will always arrive at the last minute
  • Special Ability: High pitch when singing
  • Favourite Sport: Basketball
  • Favourite Food: Chinese food, Yakiniku, Sushi
  • Dislike: Coriander
  • Favourite item of Clothing: Jeans, jackets
  • Treasures the most: Experiences, friends and his work
  • Admired Sempai:Sakurai Sho,Takizawa Hideaki andYamashita Tomohisa
  • Favorite Song: "Seppaku no Tsuki" by Kinki Kids
  • Favorite Movie: "Roman Holiday"
  • Favorite Book: "Misaki Number 1"
  • Entered Johnnys: November 8th, 1998
  • Good freind with: Miyadate Ryota


Compilations / Other

TV & Cinema




  • [2011.09.xx] "Ikemen desu ne" Official Photo Book (Feature)


  • [2011.01.xx] Duet 2011 Febrary Issue (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.01.xx] Wink up February 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.01.xx] COOL TRANS 2011 March (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.06.xx] Myojo August 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.07.xx] duet August 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.07.xx] Wink up August 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature)
  • [2011.07.xx] POTATO August 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature)


  • He is a regular for Hyakushiki and also appears on Hadaka no Shounen.
  • He talks a lot and likes to make people laugh. Kitayama Hiromitsu once said that he is very loud.
  • He is mischievious but also gets affected by things very easily.
  • He taught Nikaido Takashi how to skate.
  • Tanaka Koki said that he was honest, hard-working, pure, and straight-forward.
  • He can work like a real performer but at the same time he can play like a primary school kid.
  • He gets along most with Senga who he considers a play mate.
  • He doesnt like girls who talk informally or like guys.
  • He is always strict with the juniors during practise.
  • He likes to hear fans say "kakkoi" when he sings and dances.
  • Tamamori Yuta believes he is better at telling funny stories than rapping.
  • Nikaido once asked when Fujigaya would be getting rid of his fringe during an interview.
  • He always says whats on his mind, but will never say things to hurt people.
  • He was known as Fujigaya-otousan when he was apart of B.A.D. and was continued to be called that during the earlier shows of Hadaka no Shounen.
  • He failed the audition to JE but the guy to whom he handed his number card to was apparently Johnny so he was called back.
  • He is known as the mood-maker and the most talkative person in the group. Members often tease him asking if he even breathes in between those talks.
  • He is the resident rapper of the group since he does most of the rap parts of their songs. He’s also one of the lead vocals.
  • He had almost quitted the company thinking they won’t get to debut, but he was stopped by Tanaka Koki (a senior in their company)
  • He is called manly but has a girly side on him too. Yokoo had revealed once that Fujigaya’s eyes sparkles whenever he sees something cute.
  • He loves to borrow things from people but he tends to forget to return it earning complaints from them.
  • He gets affected by thing easily.
  • He talks a lot, & in fact a lot of the members have said that if no one interrupted him he'd talk until he died for lack of air.