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Nikaido Takashi

Nikaido Takashi, 2012

Nikaido Takashi (二階堂高嗣) is a member of Johnny's Entertainment junior group Kis-My-Ft2.


  • Nicknames: Taa-Kun, Nika
  • Birth Date: August 6, 1990 (1990-08-06) (age 30)
  • Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Shoe size: 26.5cm
  • Family: Dad, Mom, Elder Sister, 3 Dogs (Maru, MoMo, and Mikan).
  • Interest/Forte: Dance/Will not be late for dates or meetings.
  • Hobbies: Observing people, dancing
  • Strong Point: Doesnt take little things to heart, wont be late when meeting anyone
  • Weak Point: Lives in his own world
  • Special Ability: Can befriend people quickly even if he just met them
  • Favourite Food: Meat, rice, fish, yakiniku
  • Disliked Food: Green Pepper, Green Onion
  • Favourite Colours: Black, White, Orange
  • Favourite Sports: Soccer
  • Favourite Subject: Mathematics
  • Disliked Subjects: Everything other than Mathematics
  • Favourite animal: Elephant
  • Favourite phrase: Not defeated!
  • Favourite item of Clothing: Wallet (made it himself and is very proud of it)
  • Treasures the most: Family
  • Entered Johnny's: February 4th, 2001
  • Groups:





  • He entered Johnny's the same time as Yokoo Wataru and Miyata Toshiya.
  • He likes scary rides and often drags Senga Kento to the theme park.
  • He thinks of himself as a bunny when he is lonely.
  • He is very ambitious, versatile and tends to forget everything around him.
  • He looks up to Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke and Yokoo Wataru a lot.
  • He quarrels with Senga often over trivial matters, mostly because they are so similar.
  • He is also the critic of the group, and will say whatever is on his mind.
  • He considers Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN kakkoi/sexy and wants to be just like him.
  • He wants to be able to act as good as Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN
  • He is the brat and the biggest complainer in the group. He can be sarcastic at times even though he’s one of the youngest members.
  • He can do a lot of impersonations perfectly.
  • He is a scaredy cat too even though he’s known as a man with strong principle. Tamamori Yuta said that while they were staying in a hotel during a concert tour, Nikaido came to his room asking him to accompany him to the bathroom with a worried face.
  • He had tried bungee jumping more to the reason that he lost in the group’s game that he had to do it.
  • He loves to borrow things from Yokoo or to anyone. But most of the time, to Yokoo.
  • He is the '2' in Kis-My-Ft2.
  • He loves Mathematics.