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Yamada Ryosuke

Yamada Ryosuke promoting "Precious Girl / Are You There?" (2017)
Yamada Ryosuke (2013)
Yamada Ryosuke (2006)

Yamada Ryosuke is a Japanese actor, singer, and member of the Johnny's Entertainment group Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC.


  • Name: Yamada Ryosuke (山田涼介)
  • Nickname: Yama-chan, Yamada, Ryosuke, Ryo-chan, YamaRyo
  • Birthdate: May 9, 1993 (1993-05-09) (age 28)
  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Shoe size: 26cm
  • Languages: Japanese, Korean (learning)
  • School: Minamigaoka (Middle School), Horikoshi Gakuen (High-school)
  • Family: Father, mother, Older Sister (1 year older, a model), Younger Sister (1 year younger)
  • Hobbies: Cooking, fishing, sleeping and reading manga
  • Instruments: Saxophone
  • Bad habits: Making strange faces
  • Weakness: Bad eyesight, loud person, weak to touch his sides (tickle)
  • Charming Points: Chubby cheeks
  • Special Ability: Monomane (impersonations) and good at arm-wrestling
  • Pets: A Chihuahua (Cookie), a Toy Poodle (Kuu), two Guinea Pigs (Hoppy and Bat), 3 turtles (Soda, Cola and Melon), 8 goldfish (Take-chan, Yuri and others), a rabbit (Purin-chan) and a hamster
  • Girl Type: Kind, honest and have a feminine styles
  • Admired Senior: Domoto Koichi
  • Favorite Hey! Say! JUMP Song: "Ultra Music Power"
  • Favorite Johnny's Song: "Ai no Katamari" by Kinki Kids
  • Favorite Movie: " Star wars "
  • Favorite Actors: Ninomiya Kazunari and Morita Go
  • Favorite Dramas: "Remote","Gokusen"
  • Favorite Food: Strawberry, eggplant, meat
  • Dislike Food: Tomatoes, fermented soybean, wasabi
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Number: 4
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • Favorite Subject: Social studies
  • Good friend with: Chinen Yuuri and Okamoto Keito
  • Childhood dream: To be an Ultraman
  • Allergic: Crab, pollen
  • Dream: To be a soccer player and a kindergarten teacher
  • Former Group: J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7, Tap Kids, Kitty Jr.
  • Johnny's Status: 2004.08.12 (Trainee), 2007.09.21 (Member)


Ryosuke entered Johnny & Associates on August 12, 2004 as a trainee. Among the members of the original Hey! Say! 7, he was the last to enter. He was a member of Johnny's Jrs. group Kitty Jr. until April 3, 2007, when he was made part of the temporary unit Hey! Say! 7 with Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuuri.

On November 17, 2012, it was announced that Yamada will be making his solo debut.


  • He has one older sister and one younger sister, Yamada Chihiro and Yamada Misaki.
  • The "Ryo" means great then brilliantly alive. "Suke" can mean help. The image he have is that great breeze going up the mountain. (Yama means mountain)
  • He studying in Horikoshi High School, with the other three Hey! Say! JUMP members. Chinen Yuuri, Nakajima Yuto and Morimoto Ryutaro are some examples of Johnny's idols that have studied/are studying in Horikoshi High School. Hey! Say! JUMP members who went to Horikoshi High School Arioka Daiki, Yaotome Hikaru, and Yabu Kota
  • He is currently learning how to speak Korean.
  • He gained of 20 Jr. Awards in 2008 which broke Akanishi Jin’s (KAT-TUN) record of 16 Jr. Awards and is currently the most award winner.
  • He likes reading yankee and shoujo manga such as Be-Bop High School and B.O.D.Y. by Mimori Ao
  • He likes hanging out with other Hey! Say! JUMP members, especially with Chinen Yuuri.
  • He began to become friends with Nakajima Yuto when he asked Ryosuke to walk home together after school.
  • He treasures his two pet guinea pigs, his rabbit, and his hamster.
  • He is afraid of ghosts (but love them), dark places, and airplanes.
  • He likes girls who are kind and honest.
  • When they were filming the PV of Ultra Music Power, he and Nakajima Yuto fought over Chinen Yuuri for being their younger brother.
  • He joined Johnny's Jimusho at age 12. He got interested after going to a KinKi Kids concert, but it were his parents that sent his application without telling him.
  • When he auditioned Johnny's Entertainment with Morimoto Ryutaro, he would always be with him.
  • His parents were going to name him Shinnosuke at first, but there was a manga character with the same name and they thought he might get bullied for it.
  • He says chubby cheeks are his charm point.
  • He usually wears a jersey to sleep. It's black with golden lines in it.
  • He's known for being a strawberry maniac. He eats them so much that he's afraid his face will turn red!
  • He also dreams about a pool filled with strawberries.
  • Despite all that, he actually prefers soft cream/vanilla instead of strawberry flavor, when it comes to ice cream.
  • The "I love you" he says during Hitomi no Screen -lives is made up by him, when he was told to say something in it. Although he suggested it himself, he feels very embarrassed everytime he does it.
  • He's not skilled with using a computer, and usually needs Chinen's help.
  • He has beat all JUMP members in arm-wrestling.
  • His eyesight has gotten a lot worse since his debut, and nowadays he needs glasses almost all the time. He usually wears contacts, but always carry glasses with him.
  • He always sings Ai no Katamari by KinKi Kids in karaoke. He also refers to it as his favorite song.
  • When he was little, he wanted to become Ultra man. Later he changed it to (more realistic) soccer player.
  • He's afraid of ghosts, but interested in them.
  • He loves the sea. Because of it, he also dreams about a vacation in Dubai, and mentions it all the time.
  • If he sees peoples with pimples on anyone's face or anywhere, he'll rush and pop it.
  • His cellphone wallpaper is his dog Kuu wearing sunglasses, and his ringtone is Chiisana Koi no Uta by MONGOL800.
  • He hates roller-coasters. Once Arioka Daiki forced him to go into one and made him cry. Twice.
  • His favorite type of sushi is anago (conger eel).
  • One of his hobbies is skateboarding, but later he's become also interested in J-board. It's similar to a skateboard, except that it has only two wheels and it narrows in the middle.
  • Arioka Daiki got him interested in air guns, and nowadays there's 7 of them in his collection.
  • He also collects manga and has over 600 of them.
  • When asked what he would do with 1,000,000 yen, he said he'd buy a sloth. He loves them and thinks they have a special aura.
  • He is the third Hey! Say! JUMP member to have his ear pierced. The first being Takaki Yuya and the second being Arioka Daiki.
  • In episode 5 of the 2011 anime "Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day," Yamada is mentioned in a conversation between the characters Naruko and Atsumu when talking about Jinta. Naruko states he (Jinta) looks "a bit like Yama-chan from Hey! Say! JUMP when he fixes his hair.



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  • Won the "Star Ranking Week of Sep.17 2007" in [TV Guide]
  • Won the "Most Popular Actor Award 2007" in [Myojo]


  • Won the "Star Ranking Week of Jan.9 2008" in [TV Guide]
  • Won the "Most Popular Actor Award 2008" in [Myojo] - Two years in a row
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover" of the 14th Jr.Award 2008 in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Best Photo of the Year Award 2008" in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award 2008" in [Duet]
  • Won the "The Cutest Male Idol" in [anan]
  • Won the "Star Ranking Week of Dec.3 2008" in [TV Guide]
  • Won the "Drama Of The Year 2008 Male Actor Award" in [TVnavi]


  • Won the "Best Photo of the Year 2009 Award" in [Myojo] - Two years in a row
  • Won the "No.1 Favorite Male Celebrity Award" in [Nicola]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award" in the Hey!Say!JUMP Ranking 2009 in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Best Actor Award 2009" in [TVnavi]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award 2009" in [Duet] - Two years in a row
  • Won the "Favorite U-21 Male Celebrity Award" in [anan]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Celebrity Lover 2009" in [Nicola]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Big brother 2009" in [Nicola]
  • Won the "Most Popular Actor Award 2009" in [Myojo] - Three years in a row


  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award" in the Entertainment Raking 2010 in [Nicola]
  • Won the "Best Photo of the Year MVP 2010 Award" in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award" in the Hey!Say!JUMP Ranking 2010 in [Myojo] - Two years in a row
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award" in the Renai Grandprix 2010 in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Sexiest Male Celebrity" in the Renai Grandprix 2010 in [Myojo]
  • Won the "Best Actor Award 2010" in [Myojo] - Four years in a row
  • Won the "Most Ideal Lover Award 2010" in [Duet]-Three years in a row
  • Won the "Best Couple Award 2010" in [Myojo] (with Arioka Daiki)


  • Won the "Best Couple Award 2011" in [Myojo] (with Arioka Daiki) - Two years in a row


  • Won the "Best Couple Award 2012" in [Myojo] (with Arioka Daiki) - Three years in a row


  • Won the "Best Couple Award 2013" in [Myojo] (with Arioka Daiki ) - Four years in a row



  • [2013.05.10] Rokusaisha Minimum Yamada Ryosuke


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