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Inoo Kei

Inoo Kei promoting Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O (2017)

Inoo Kei is a member of the Johnny's Entertainment group Hey! Say! JUMP.


  • Name: Inoo Kei (伊野尾慧)
  • Nickname: Inoo-chan, Inoo Kei-chan, Kei-kun, Kei, Kei-chan
  • Birthdate: June 22, 1990 (1990-06-22) (age 30)
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Birthplace: Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 174cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Shoe size: 26.5cm
  • Eyesight: 0.8(Right) 0.8(Left)
  • Schools: Touyou Koto (High-school), Meiji University (Architect Department)
  • Subject that good in: History
  • Admired Senior: Kimura Takuya, KAT-TUN
  • Respected Senior: Sakurai Sho
  • Date entering Johnny's: 23rd September 2001
  • Charming Point: Hand (Beautiful like girl's hand)
  • Favorite Food: Rice, Salty-Mackerel
  • Dislike Food: Spinach
  • Favorite Fruit: Strawberries
  • Valuable Thing: Letters from Fan Club
  • Favorite Type of Girl: Cute, Kind, Smart and Responsible
  • Talent: Basketball, Drawing, Guitar, Piano
  • Family: Parents and 2 Younger sisters (Aki & Keiri)
  • Pets: Miniature Schnauzer called "Jam" & "An" (Twins, Female)


On September 23, 2001, he entered Johnny & Associates as a trainee, along with Kota Yabu, whom later becomes one of his best friends. On September 24, 2007, he began performing as a member of Hey! Say! JUMP.


  • His favorite color is sky blue, and he hates the color green and yellow.
  • His hobby is learning English. He likes to study new English words.
  • The type of girl that he likes is a girl who has manners and has common sense.
  • Doesn't like Mathematics and English, despite the fact that he keeps studying English. He hopes someday he would learn to love this subject.
  • He likes studying different things.
  • He has a younger sister, Aki Inoo, who he said has a bad attitude and mouth.
  • He can play the piano. He is seen playing the piano for performances of Star Time.
  • Is often seen wearing caps in paparazzi pictures.
  • He passed his high school exams and got into the Department of Architecture, School of Science and Technology at Meiji University.
  • He is said to always telling random lie by Yuya Takaki.
  • He has this love-hate thing of riding a roller costers.


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Variety Shows

  • The Shōnen Club
  • Ya-Ya-yah(2004~2007)
  • YOUtachi
  • 100shiki (百識王)


  • Hayaguchi no Boogie (solo at Tengoku Concert)


Inoo Kei
Inoo Kei (2013)
Inoo Kei (2017)