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Kochi Yugo

Kochi Yugo (2012)

Kochi Yugo (高地優吾) is a Japanese Idol singer.





  • Admired Sempai Kamenashi Kazuya , Aiba Masaki
  • His hobbies are basketball, tennis, and hide-and-seek. He’d rather run around outside than be at home.
  • His talent is soccer.
  • He is hooked on shopping for clothes. He gathers info on fashion from reading magazines. The clothes he has are mostly black or plain colors.
  • His favorite foods are omurice (omlette rice) and strawberries.
  • His least favorite food is shiitake mushrooms because he can't stand the smell or texture.
  • His favorite drink is Japanese tea
  • His favorite sport is soccer
  • His favorite color is Green
  • His favorite type of girls is cheerful.
  • His future dream is to become a celebrity.Before that, he'll do his best to be able to dance right. He couldn’t get the rhythm right at first.
  • His favorite Songs "Monster" by Arashi , "Kitto Daijoubu" by Arashi
  • He is good friend with Yasui Kentaro
  • His favorite movie is "Afterschool"
  • His favorite manga is "Captain Tsubasa"

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