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Stefanie Sun

Stefanie Sun promoting Shi Shihou (2011)

Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿, Sun Yan Zi) is a Singaporean Mandopop singer-songwriter. Debuting in 2000 under Warner Music Taiwan, she became an overnight sensation as her self-titled debut album became a best-seller in Asia. Her follow-up releases cemented her stardom and she was named the best selling female Mandopop artists of the first half of the decade. In 2003, she took a hiatus before returning in 2004 with Stefanie. In 2007, she took another hiatus but this one lasted much longer. Her first album in four years, Shi Shihou, proved to be a big hit and was the second best selling album of 2011 in Taiwan.

On May 8, 2011, Stefanie married Nadim Van Der Ross, a senior executive at Aviva.


  • Name: Sun Yanzi (孫燕姿), Stefanie Sun
  • Name Pronounciation: Soon-Yen-Zhii
  • Fan Nicknames: Yanzi, Ah Zi
  • Birthdate: July 23, 1978
  • Birthplace: Singapore
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Weight: 42kg (106lbs)
  • Height: 1.62m (5'4)
  • Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Teochew
  • Instruments: Piano
  • Favourite Sports/Games: Swimming, Snooker, Tennis
  • Favourite Actors: Jim Carrey, Stephen Chow, Tony Leung>
  • Favourite Actresses: Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Milla Jovovich
  • Favourite Country: Singapore
  • Favourite Colour: Yellow
  • Favourite Food: Japanese dishes, Chocolates, Ba Kut Tei (肉骨茶)
  • Fears: Claustrophobia, Flying Cockroaches, Papaya, Getting Sick>
  • Places Visited: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Europe, New Zealand
  • Family: Parents (Both teachers) and two sisters (one older, one much younger)
  • Fun Fact: Chinese media originally assumed that Stefanie was a lesbian because she was outspoken and wore pants.


Stefanie Sun promoting The Moment (2003)


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Compilation Albums


  • [2000] - TVB 8 Mandarin Music Awards (Hong Kong), Best Newcomer
  • [2000] - Hong Kong's Radio Station, Most Promising Artist
  • [2000] - Channel V Music Awards (Beijing), Best newcomer
  • [2000] - Channel V Music Awards (Beijing), Song Of the Year
  • [2000] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Most Promising Artiste
  • [2000] - Ming Sheng Bao Top 10 Stars, Most Promising Artiste
  • [2000] - China Music Awards, Best Newcomer
  • [2000] - China Music Awards, Best Female Vocal
  • [2001] - Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan), Best newcomer
  • [2001] - MTV Chinese, Top 10 Most Popular Artist
  • [2001] - Golden Melody Awards (Malaysia), 'Hong Ren' of the year (Gold)
  • [2002] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Most Popular Female Artiste
  • [2002] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Best-Selling Female Artiste
  • [2002] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Artiste
  • [2003] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Act
  • [2003] - 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards, Best Performing Regional Female Artiste
  • [2005] - Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan), Best Female Mandarin Singer
  • [2005] - MTV Japan Music Video Awards, Best buzz ASIA from Taiwan
  • [2005] - MTV Asia Aid Awards, Singapore Most Popular Singer

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