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Amit (album)

Limited White Cover
Limited Black Cover
CD+DVD Cover
Amit (阿密特)
2009.08.21 (Limited CD+DVD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Kāiménjiànshān (開門見山; Get Right to the Point)
  2. Hēi Chī Hēi (黑吃黑; Dog Eat Dog)
  3. Fēn Shēng (分生; Alter Ego)
  4. Diào Le (掉了; Fallen)
  5. Xiāng'ài Hòu Dòngwù Gǎnshāng (相愛後動物感傷; Animal's Sorrow After Loving)
  6. Línghún De Zhòngliàng (靈魂的重量; Weight of a Soul)
  7. Hǎo Dǎn Nǐ Jiù Lái (好膽你就來; Come If You Have the Guts)
  8. OK
  9. Tīngdéjiàn De Mèngxiǎng (聽得見的夢想; Dream You Can Hear)
  10. Amit (阿密特)
  11. Cǎihóng (彩虹; Rainbow)
  12. Chuáng Qián Sīgù Mèng (床前思故夢; Old Dreams Before Bed) (Hong Kong Version Only)
  13. Mèngzhōng Zuò Hān Rén (夢中作憨人; Dream for Those Derailed) (Limited CD+DVD Edition Only)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Tīngdéjiàn De Mèngxiǎng (MV) (Limited White Edition Only)
  2. Hēi Chī Hēi (MV)
  3. Xiāng'ài Hòu Dòngwù Gǎnshāng (MV)


Amit is the 12th album released by A-Mei and first released under Amit. This album showed a significant change in the genre of music A-Mei sung, as most of the songs were of rock. It was released in several different editions; regular, limited white, limited black and limited CD+DVD. The Hong Kong version includes a bonus single with the song "Chuáng Qián Sīgù Mèng", which is A-Mei's first Cantonese song. The limited CD+DVD edition included a bonus Taiwanese track, "Mèngzhōng Zuò Hān Rén". The regular edition featured both the limited white and limited black covers. Preorder editions (limited white and limited black) of the album included a 3D poster or DVD with a music video.

G-Music Charts

Amit promoting the album (2009)
Week Rank Sales (%)
1 10.30
1 11.09
3 7.78
14 0.55
17 0.61
17 0.75
14 0.51
out for 1 week
1 15.44
9 2.14
19 0.68

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