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Regular Edition Cover
CD+VCD Cover
Fāshāo (發燒; Fever)
2002.10.13 (CD+VCD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Fāshāo (發燒; Fever)
  2. Hěn Juésè (狠角色; Ruthless)
  3. Zhīdào (知道; Understand)
  4. Xià Yīgèrén (下一個人; The Next Person)
  5. 54321
  6. Gēn Wǒ Yīqǐ Fēng (跟我一起瘋; Mad With Me)
  7. Bié Qù Dǎrǎo Tā De Xīn (別去打擾他的心; Don't Bother His Heart)
  8. Tīngjiàn Le Ma (聽見了嗎; Did You Hear?)
  9. Yes or No
  10. Katsu
VCD Tracklist
  1. Katsu (MV)
  2. Yes or No (MV)
  3. A Jí Yúlè (Live)
  4. Shùnjiān (Live)
  5. Wǒ Hèn Wǒ Ài Nǐ (Live)


Fāshāo is the seventh album released by A-Mei and her second under Warner Music Taiwan. The album was later released in CD+VCD version, with two music videos and three performances from the 2001 Chiang Kai-hek Memorial Hall Live.

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