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Ni Zai Kan Wo Ma

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Pre-order Cover
Face Squarely Cover
2CD Cover
Nǐ Zài Kàn Wǒ Ma? (你在看我嗎; R U Watching?)
2011.06.11 (2CD Edition)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Dōu Shénme Shíhoule (都什麼時候了; When Did It All Happen?)
  2. Yīgèrén Duìhuà (一個人對話; Solo Diaolog)
  3. Háiyǒu Yǎnlèi Jiù Hǎo (還有眼淚就好; Tears are Also Fine)
  4. Tāmen (他們; They)
  5. Wǒ Zuì Qīn'ài De (我最親愛的; My Most Beloved)
  6. Nǐ Zài Kàn Wǒ Ma (你在看我嗎; R U Watching?)
  7. Qián Guīzé (潛規則; Unwritten Rules)
  8. Lái Nào De (來鬧的; Coming Noisily)
  9. Kě Le (渴了; Thirsty)
  10. HighKā (High咖; High Coffee)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Nǐ Hé Wǒ De Shíguāng (你和我的時光; You and I's Time)
  2. Kě Le (Electro Remix)
  3. Kuài Lè Chàng Kāi (快樂暢開; Joy For Tears)


Nǐ Zài Kàn Wǒ Ma is the thirteenth album released by A-Mei. The album was initially released in two editions; Pre-order edition and Face Squarely edition. The former included four photo calendar cards. It was later re-released with a bonus CD with one new song and two remixes.

G-Music Charts

Week Rank Sales (%)
1 17.79
1 17.37
2 18.35
1 15.54
2 6.88
11 0.81
13 0.79

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