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Gesheng Mei Ying (Time to Say Goodbye A-Mei Hong Kong Live)

Album Cover
Gēshēng Mèi Yǐng (Time to say goodbye A-Mei Hong Kong Live) (歌聲妹影; Singing A-Mei Video)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Time To Say Good-Bye (Andrea Bocelli cover)
  2. Yì Nánwàng (意難忘; Unforgettable Memory) (Cai Qin cover)
  3. Mamma Mia (ABBA cover)
  4. Kāngdìng Qínggē (康定情歌; Kangding Love Song)
  5. Kǎmén (卡門; Carmen) (Ge Lan cover)
  6. Xīnshì Shéi Rénzhī (心事誰人知; Mind Nobody Knows) (Shen Wen Cheng cover)
  7. Tiāncái Báichī Mèng (天才白痴夢; A Gifted Idiot's Dream) (Samuel Hui cover)
  8. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston cover)
  9. Fènghuáng Yú Fēi (鳳凰于飛; Phoenix Rising) (Fei Yu Qing cover)
  10. Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)


Gēshēng Mèi Yǐng (Time to Say Goodbye A-Mei Hong Kong Live) is the second live album released by A-Mei. All the songs were covers of older classics.

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