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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Catalog Number
CRCP-40135 (Limited Edition)
CRCP-40136 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Kuyuru (燻-くゆる-; Smoke)
  2. Neoteny (ネオテニー)
  3. livEVIL
  4. Яaven Loud speeeaker
  5. Gianizm Roku (ジャイアニズム碌; Enough)
  6. Jashin to Bara (邪神ト薔薇; An Evil God and a Rose)
  7. Sessou (雪葬; Snow Funeral)
  8. Mahora (まほら; Great and Splendid Land)
  9. message
  10. Rakuu (落羽; Bald Cypress)
  11. Jibun no Hana (時分ノ花; The Flowers of Time)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Jashin to Bara (PV) (邪神ト薔薇)


anima is the third album released by Nightmare. It is their last studio album to released through CROWN RECORDS, as they would switch to VAP at the start of 2007. This was released in two different versions: a limited CD+Photobook edition and a regular CD+DVD edition. The limited edition is in a book like case and comes with a B5 sized photobook, while the regular edition comes with a DVD of the PV for track #6 "Jashin to Bara". The album reached #12 on the Oricon charts, where it charted for six weeks.

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