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Candid Girl -Asaka Yui in Australia-

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DVD Cover
Asaka Yui
Candid Girl -Asaka Yui in Australia- (Candid Girl -浅香唯 in Australia-)
1988.07.01 (LD, VHD, VHS, Beta)
1989.11.21 (LD, VHS)
2010.06.23 (DVD)
Catalog Number
52LH-8005 (1987 LD)
52VH-8005 (VHD)
HVV-10012 (1987 VHS)
HVB-10012 (Beta)
38LH-8030 (1989 LD)
HVV-10019 (1989 VHS)
WPBL-90140 (DVD)
¥5,200 (1987 LD, VHD)
¥5,800 (1987 VHS, Beta)
¥3,914 (1989 LD, VHS)
¥2,800 (DVD)
  1. C-Girl
  2. Yuuki (勇気; Courage)
  3. All My Love
  4. Narration -First Kiss-
  5. Cry On
  6. Sunrise to Sunset
  7. Narration -Australia-
  8. Heartbreak Bay Blues
  9. Believe Again


Candid Girl -Asaka Yui in Australia- is Asaka Yui's second PV collection.

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