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Hitomi ni Storm

Single Cover
Asaka Yui
Hitomi ni STORM (瞳にSTORM)
1987.05.27 (EP & CT)
1988.05.21 (CD)
Catalog Number
7HB-27 (EP)
10H-7 (CT)
10HD-8 (CD)
¥700 (EP)
¥1,000 (CT & CD)
EP & CD Tracklist
  1. Hitomi ni STORM (瞳にSTORM; A Storm in the Eyes)
  2. Escape no Natsu (エスケイプの夏; The Summer of Escape)
CT Tracklist
  • Side A
  1. Yui Message (唯メッセージ)
  2. Hitomi ni STORM (瞳にSTORM)
  3. Escape no Natsu (エスケイプの夏)
  • Side B
  1. Hitomi ni STORM (Original Karaoke)
  2. Escape no Natsu (Original Karaoke)


"Hitomi ni STORM" is Asaka Yui's seventh single. It was first released on a record and then re-released on an 8cm CD. The title track was used as the third theme song for the Fuji TV dorama Sukeban Deka III Shoujo Ninpou Jyou Denki. The single reached #4 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for ten weeks, selling 87,000 copies.

Song Information

Yukawa Reiko
Inoue Daisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Shinkawa Hiroshi