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Daikkirai Demo Arigatou

Single Cover
Aoyama Thelma
Daikkirai Demo Arigatou (大っきらい でもありがと)
Catalog Number
  1. Daikkirai Demo Arigatou (大っきらい でもありがと; I Hate You, But Thanks)
  2. You're My Only Shinin' Star
  3. Walk


"Daikkirai Demo Arigatou" is Aoyama Thelma's fifth single. The main track was used as the theme song for the Fuji TV dorama Arinori. Meanwhile, "You're My Only Shinin' Star" was used as the theme song for the TV Tokyo dorama Cafe Kichijouji. The single was a collaboration with DREAMS COME TRUE, which Aoyama admires since kindergarten. DREAMS COME TRUE covered themselves, the "Daikkirai Demo Arigato" song for their DO YOU DREAMS COME TRUE? album. The main track was certified Gold by the Riaj for selling over 100,000 downloads

Song Information

Aoyama promoting the single
Yoshida Miwa
Yoshida Miwa, Nakamura Masato
Other Information
Arrangement: Kodawaki Daisuke, Harukawa Hitoshi

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 11 8 7 11 11 16 12 9,815
11 18 22 21 27 32 34 25 4,003
34 35 40 36 49 45 - 49 3,614
42 45 41 40 - - -

Total Reported Sales: 17,432*

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