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Evolution (Kim Jong Kook)

Album Cover
Kim Jong Kook
  1. Dorawa (돌아와; Come Back)
  2. Yongseohae Gieokhae (용서해 기억해; Forgive And Remember)
  3. Niga Wonhan Ibyeol (니가 원한 이별; The Parting You Want)
  4. Feeling
  5. Seulpeun Baraem (슬픈 바램; Fading Sadness)
  6. Han Namja (한 남자; One Man)
  7. Jungdok (중독; Addiction)
  8. Geuraeyo...Geuraedo... (그래요...그래도...; That's Right... But...)
  9. Broken Heart
  10. Haruman (하루만; Only One Day)
  11. Taeyang Gadeukhi (태양 가득히; The Full Sun)
  12. Tonight
  13. Yongseo (용서; Forgiveness)
  14. Geudaega Jamdeun Sai (그대가 잠든 사이; While You Were Sleeping)


Evolution is Kim Jong Kook's second album. It was released 3 years after his previous album Renaissance. The songs "Feeling", "Han Namja", "Jungdok", "Taeyang Gadeukhi" and "Geudaega Jamdeun Sai" were used as lead tracks. The album sold over 115,000 copies.

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