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Kim Jong Kook Digital Single

Single Cover
Kim Jong Kook
Digital Single
Kim Jong Kook Digital Single (김종국 디지털 싱글)
  1. 2005 White Love (Seki Jangeseo) (Kim Jong Kook & Mikey) (스키장에서)
  2. 2006 Hoesang (feat. Epik High) (2006 회상; Recall)


"Kim Jong Kook Digital Single" is Kim Jong Kook's second digital single. The single was released as commemoration for the 10th years since Turbo's debut. The first track is a new version of Turbo's White Love, included on their fourth album Perfect Love, sang by proper Turbo members Kim and Mikey. The second track is a collaborative new version of "Hoesang", included on Turbo's third album Born Again, sang by Jong Kook and K-Hip-Hop group Epik High.