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This Is Me

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Album Cover
Kim Jong Kook
This is me
  1. Jejari Georeum (제자리 걸음; Walking in Place)
  2. Geunyeoui Namjaege (그녀의 남자에게; To Her Boyfriend)
  3. Seulpeun Chukha (슬픈 축하; Sad Congratulations)
  4. Seonmul (선물; Gift)
  5. Happiness
  6. Sarangseureowo (사랑스러워; Loveable)
  7. Jiugae (지우개; Eraser)
  8. Dream
  9. Toyoil Bam (토요일 밤; Saturday Night)
  10. Byeol, Baram, Haessal Geurigo Sarang (별, 바람, 햇살 그리고 사랑; Star, Wind, Sunshine, and Love)
  11. One Night
  12. Chinguege (친구에게; To My Friend)
  13. Babogateun Na (바보같은 나; I'm a Fool)
  14. Yeonseup (연습; Practice)
  15. Yeojeonhi (여전히; Still)


This is me is Kim Jong Kook's third album. The songs "Jejari Georeum", "Sarangseureowo" and "Byeol, Baram, Haessal Geurigo Sarang" were used as lead tracks. An acoustic version of "Jejari Georeum" was later released as a digital single in August. The album was a smash hit and sold 250,000 copies.

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