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Nebeonjjae Pyeonji

Album Cover
Kim Jong Kook
Nebeonjjae Pyeonji (네번째 편지; Fourth Letter)
  1. Saranghandaneun Mal (사랑한다는 말; Saying I Love You)
  2. Neoman Moreuneun Iyagi (너만 모르는 이야기; The Story You Don't Know)
  3. Pyeonji (편지; Letter)
  4. Han Saram (한 사람; One Person)
  5. Aarangieyo (사랑이에요; I Love You)
  6. Gobaek (고백; Confession)
  7. Sarangi Apado (사랑이 아파도; Though Love Hurts)
  8. Aarangjigi (사랑지기; Failing Love)
  9. Geunyeoreul Arayo (그녀를 알아요; I Know Her)
  10. Tobagi (토박이; Native)
  11. Cheossarang (첫사랑; First Love)
  12. Saranghaennabwa (사랑했나봐; I Think I Loved)
  13. Ibyeoldo Gomawo (이별도 고마워; Thankful Even for the Separation)
  14. Kkumeul Hyanghae (꿈을 향해; For My Dreams)


Nebeonjjae Pyeonji is Kim Jong Kook's fourth album. The songs "Pyeonji" and "Kkumeul Hyanghae" were used as lead tracks. The album sold over 110,000 copies.

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