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ADAPTER. promoting "Please Please You" (2011)

Fukusuke (福助) is a Japanese electronic singer-songwriter from Kanagawa Prefecture in the visual-kei scene. He is known as the guitarist of the angura electro-rock band metronome, which went into an indefinite activity pause on May 31st, 2009.[1] During his time in the group Fukusuke started his solo project, called ADAPTER., and debuted with the mini-album SOUND SELECT in July of 2005. He is currently signed with the independent label Happinet Music.

In 2013 he formed THE BEETHOVEN along with MAKOTO (ex-Doremidan), Naoki (Jinkaku Radio) and YURA-sama (Dacco, ex-Psycho le Cemu).



Note: All releases are under the name ADAPTER. unless otherwise stated.

Studio Albums


  • [2005.07.25] SOUND SELECT
  • [2006.04.06] Iki. (粋.) (ADAPTER. with shit brave men)
  • [2008.04.04] Tsuya. (艶.)
  • [2009.11.18] En. (宴.)

Best Albums


Other Singles


Compilations / Collaborations


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