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Hello! First Live at Shibuya Kohkaido

Hello! FIRST LIVE AT SHIBUYA KOHKAIDO is a live concert performed on 1998-07-12 featuring Morning Musume, Heike Michiyo, and Nakazawa Yuko. It was released on 1998-12-12 as a VHS (EPVE-5002) and as a Laser Disc (EPLE-5002). It was also released as a DVD on 2002-12-04 with the catalog number EPBE-5050.

Track listing

All songs are performed by Morning Musume unless otherwise noted.

  1. Good Morning
  2. どうにかして土曜日 (Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi)
  3. ウソつきあんた (Usotsuki Anta)
  4. GET / 平家みちよ (Heike Michiyo)with モーニング娘。 (Morning Musume)
  5. ダイキライ (Daikirai) / 平家みちよ (Heike Michiyo)
  6. カラスの女房 (Karasu no Nyoubou) / 中澤裕子 (Nakazawa Yuko)
  7. モーニングコーヒー (Morning Coffee)
  8. 未来の扉 (Mirai no Tobira)
  9. サマーナイトタウン (Summer Night Town)
  10. 愛の種 (Ai no Tane)
  11. さみしい日 (Samishii Hi)

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