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Hoon promoting MOMENTS (2013)

Hoon (훈) is a Korean Pop singer and actor. He is a sub vocalist of the group U-Kiss. He joined U-KIss in March 2011 through their fifth mini-album Bran New Kiss. Before joining U-Kiss, Hoon debuted as a ballad singer with the single "Pure & Love" in 2009 under his real name. In 2017 he made his solo debut in Japan.


  • Stage Name: Hoon (훈)
  • Real Name: Yeo Hoon Min (여훈민)
  • Birthdate: August 16, 1991 (1991-08-16) (age 28)
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Birth Place: Gyeonggi Province
  • Skills: Taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, singing
  • Education: Pyeongnae High School, currently a theater major at Dong Guk University

Korean Discography


Digital Singles

Japanese Discography


  • [2017.02.15] Yukisakura (雪桜;Snow Cherry Tree) (HOON from U-KISS)




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