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Eli (U-Kiss)

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Eli promoting MOMENTS (2013)

Eli (일라이) is a Korean-American rapper. He was a member of the Korean Pop boy group U-Kiss, and its sub-unit uBEAT, from its debut in September 2008 until his departure in May 2019.


  • Stage Name: Eli (일라이)
  • Real Name: Kim Kyung Jae (김경재)
  • Birthdate: March 13, 1991 (1991-03-13) (age 28)
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Languages: Korean, Mandarin
  • Family: Parents, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Wife, Son
  • Specialties: Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Rap
  • Hobbies: Watching movies , Playing on the computer, Listening to Music
  • Religion: Christian






  • He was born in LA and lived in Washington D.C.
  • He studied in China, therefore knows how to speak Chinese.
  • He trained in Taekwondo for 12 years.

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