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Limited Editions Cover
Regular Editions Cover
Amazon Editions Cover
mu-mo FC Edition Cover
Wagakki Band
Kishikaisei (起死回生; Resuscitation)
Catalog Number
AVBD-92358/B (Limited DVD+CD Edition)
AVXD-92359/B (Limited Blu-ray+CD Edition)
AVBD-92360 (Regular DVD Edition)
AVXD-92361 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)
AVB1-92362 (Limited Amazon DVD Edition)
AVX1-92363 (Limited Amazon Blu-ray Edition)
AVB1-92364/B~C (mu-mo FC Edition)
¥4,860 (Limited mu-mo FC Edition)
¥2,598 (Limited Blu-ray+CD, Amazon Blu-ray Editions)
¥2,268 (Limited DVD+CD, Amazon DVD Editions)
¥2,058 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
¥1,728 (Regular DVD Edition)
DVD/Blu-ray Tracklist
  • Limited & Regular Editions
  1. "Kishikaisei" MUSIC VIDEO
  2. "Kishikaisei" MAKING
  3. Valkyrie -Senotome- LIVE Video (Valkyrie -戦乙女-) (Regular Editions only)
  • Amazon & mu-mo Editions
  1. "Kishikaisei" MUSIC VIDEO
  2. "Strong Fate" MUSIC VIDEO
  3. "Kishikaisei" MAKING
  4. "Strong Fate" MAKING
  5. Valkyrie -Senotome- LIVE Video (mu-mo Editions only)
  6. "Kishikaisei" "Mi Ra I" Music Production Document & Steel Shooting Off Shot (mu-mo Editions only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Kishikaisei (起死回生)
  2. Mi Ra I (ミ・ラ・イ; Future)


"Kishikaisei" is the fifth video release and third Music Video single released by Wagakki Band. It comes in seven versions: a limited DVD+CD edition, a limited Blu-ray+CD edition, a regular DVD edition, a regular Blu-ray edition, a limited Amazon DVD edition, a limited Amazon Blu-ray edition, and a limited DVD+Blu-ray+CD mu-mo fan club edition. The title track was used as the theme song for the TV Tokyo Rio Olympics relay while "Mi Ra I" was used as its cheer song.

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