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Ikusa / Nadeshiko Sakura

Blu-ray/DVD Cover
Amazon Editions Cover
+GOODS Editions Cover
Wagakki Band
Ikusa / Nadeshiko Sakura (戦-ikusa- / なでしこ桜)
Catalog Number
AVXD-92219 (Blu-ray)
AVBD-92218 (DVD)
AVX1-92221 (Limited Amazon Blu-ray)
AVB1-92220 (Limited Amazon DVD)
AVX1-92223 (Blu-ray+GOODS)
AVB1-92222 (DVD+GOODS)
¥1,950 (Blu-ray, Limited Amazon)
¥1,620 (DVD, Limited Amazon)
¥3,456 (Blu-ray+GOODS)
¥3,132 (DVD+GOODS)
"+GOODS" Tracklist
  1. Ikusa -MUSIC VIDEO- (戦-ikusa-; War)
  2. Nadeshiko Sakura -MUSIC VIDEO- (なでしこ桜; Pink Cherry Blossom)
  1. Ikusa -MUSIC VIDEO- (戦-ikusa-)
  2. Nadeshiko Sakura -MUSIC VIDEO- (なでしこ桜)
  3. Ikusa -MAKING-
  4. Nadeshiko Sakura -MAKING-
  5. Hoshizukiyo -2014.8.27 at Akasaka BLITZ- (星月夜; Starry Night) (Amazon Editions only)


"Ikusa / Nadeshiko Sakura" is the third video release and second Music Video single released by Wagakki Band. It comes in six versions: a DVD edition, a Blu-ray edition, a limited Amazon DVD edition, a limited Amazon Blu-ray edition, a DVD+GOODS edition, and a Blu-ray+GOODS edition. The "+GOODS" versions come with a 3D jacket specification, a special original fan (the design used by Suzuhana Yuuko in the Music Video for "Ikusa"), and a "Sengoku Musou 4-II" x Wagakki Band special product code that can be used in the game Sengoku Musou 4-II to receive a special weapon and the use of "Ikusa" as a combat song.


Fan included in the "+GOODS" editions
3D Jacket included in the "+GOODS" editions
3D Jacket included in the "+GOODS" editions

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