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Manabe Yoshiaki

Manabe Yoshiaki promoting Rutile (2012)

Manabe Yoshiaki (真鍋 吉明), is a Japanese rock guitarist and composer. He is well known as the lead guitarist of the band the pillows. He has his own solo career releasing instrumental music. He was previously known as NINE MILES but currently uses his full name in solo music.



Manabe Yoshiaki grew up listening to punk rock and reggae. In 1987 he began playing guitar for the group Persia.

In 1987 he joined up the group the Coinlocker Babies in Hokkaido with Yamanaka Sawao, Ueda Kenji and Sato Shinichiro. After re-recording some of the music from their earlier demo and renaming the band to the pillows they signed with Pony Canyon and came out with their first major release MOON GOLD in 1991. Since then they have released many successful albums and singles.

In 2001 Yoshiaki released his first solo album SOLOMONIC POLAR BEAR under the name NINE MILES named after the town in which Bob Marley grew up in Jamaica. He is in charge of almost everything and plays all instruments that are heard in the albums.

In 2012 after three albums under the name NINE MILES, he decided to go at a different approach with his music and changed his style to rock, and went back to releasing music under his birth name instead of his previous stage name.



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