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the pillows Presents "Born in the '60's"

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DVD Cover
the pillows
the pillows presents “Born in The ‘60s”
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Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. the pillows - "Ritalin 202"
  2. Dohatsuten - "Kareha no Oto" (枯レ葉ノ音; Sound of Dead Leaves)
  3. Dohatsuten - "Kita Kara Kita Otoko" (キタカラキタオトコ Northern Man)
  4. Dohatsuten - "Sono Tomoshibi wo Tegakari ni" (そのともしびをてがかりに; That Light Clue of Time)
  5. TOMOVSKY - "Monku Iwanai" (文句いわない; Do Not Complain)
  6. TOMOVSKY - "Nou" (脳; Brain)
  7. TOMOVSKY - "Sponge Man" (スポンジマン)
  8. THE COLLECTORS - "Tokyo Mushi Bugs" (東京虫バグズ; Tokyo Insect Bugs)
  9. THE COLLECTORS - "Chikyuu no Arukikata" (地球の歩き方; How to Walk The Earth)
  11. The Pees - "Shinkuu Kan" (真空管; Vacuum Tube)
  12. The Pees - "Akabane Dreamin'" (赤羽ドリーミン)
  13. The Pees - "Deine" (でいーね)
  14. the pillows - "Shiroi Natsu to Midori no Jitensha Akai Kami to Kuroi Guitar" (白い夏と緑の自転車 赤い髪と黒いギター; White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar)
  15. the pillows - "HYBRID RAINBOW" (ハイブリッド レインボウ)
  16. the pillows - "LITTLE BUSTERS"
  17. Check Ratings ~What current musicians are you guys?~ (Bonus Track)


the pillows presents “Born in The ‘60s” is the 14th live DVD released by the pillows. It features footage from their "Born in The 60's Tour" performance on October 9th, 2011 at Zepp Sendai featuring bands Dohatsuten, TOMOVSKY, THE COLLECTORS, and The Pees. It also contains bonus video footage appearing all participating members. The DVD reached #24 on Oricon charts, and charted for 2 weeks.

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