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Ohara Sakurako

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Ohara Sakurako promoting Passion (2020)

Ohara Sakurako (大原櫻子) is a Japanese actress and pop singer under Victor Entertainment. Formerly, she performed under the band MUSH&Co. as its vocalist.


  • Name: Ohara Sakurako (大原櫻子)
  • Birthdate: January 10, 1996 (1996-01-10) (age 24)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Skills: Dancing, Piano, Ballet, Swimming


Ohara is the daughter of veteran actor Hayashida Naochika. She became interested in acting and singing since she was a second grader after watching Dakota Fanning star in the musical Annie. Ohara began dance rehearsals in her second year of middle school and classical music and voice training during her time as a freshman in junior high.

At 17, she auditioned for the role of Koeda Riko, the heroine in the manga-based movie Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru against 5,000 other girls and was selected. For her performance, she won the Best New Actress award at the 23rd Japan Film Critics Award. To promote the movie, Ohara formed the band MUSH&Co. and made her music debut with the song "Ashita mo". Since then, all her music has been produced by Kameda Seiji who has worked with such artists as Hirai Ken, Angela Aki, Do As Infinity, and Shiina Ringo among many others.

Ohara is a regular personality on the music program EX Theater TV and her own radio show Ohara Sakurako no All Night Nippon 0.


Ohara Sakurako promoting HAPPY (2015)
Ohara Sakurako promoting "Daisuki" (2016)
Ohara Sakurako promoting "Sayonara" (2017)
Ohara Sakurako promoting Enjoy (2018)
Ohara Sakurako promoting "Shine On Me" (2019)

Studio Albums

Best Albums


  • [2013.12.04] Ashita mo (明日も; Tomorrow Too) (MUSH&Co.)
  • [2014.06.25] Ganbattatte Iin Janai (頑張ったっていいんじゃない; Cheer Up, It's Not so Bad, Right?) (Ohara Sakurako from MUSH&Co.)
  • [2014.11.26] Sankyu. (サンキュー。; Thank You.)
  • [2015.01.07] Hitomi (瞳; Pupil)
  • [2015.07.22] Manatsu no Taiyou (真夏の太陽; Midsummer Sun)
  • [2015.11.04] Kimi wo Wasurenai yo (キミを忘れないよ; I Won't Forget You)
  • [2016.06.01] Daisuki (大好き; I Love You)
  • [2017.03.08] Hirari (ひらり; Twirling)
  • [2017.08.09] My Favorite Jewel (マイ フェイバリット ジュエル)
  • [2017.11.22] Sayonara (さよなら; Goodbye)
  • [2018.04.25] Nakitai Kurai (泣きたいくらい; I Want to Cry)
  • [2019.07.31] I am I
  • [2019.12.04] Shine On Me

Other Singles

Digital Singles

Video Releases

Compilations / Others






Band Score Piece 1553 Ashita mo by MUSH&Co. Piano Piece 1128 by Ohara Sakurako Hikigatari Ohara Sakurako Selection for Piano Guitar Hikigatari Ohara Sakurako "HAPPY"

  • [2014.01.17] Band Score Piece 1553 Ashita mo by MUSH&Co. (バンドスコアピース1553 明日も by MUSH&Co.)
  • [2015.02.09] Piano Piece 1128 by Ohara Sakurako (ピアノピース1128 瞳 by 大原櫻子)
  • [2015.03.26] Hikigatari Ohara Sakurako Selection for Piano (ピアノソロ/弾き語り 大原櫻子 Selection for Piano)
  • [2015.03.26] Guitar Hikigatari Ohara Sakurako "HAPPY" (ギター弾き語り 大原櫻子 『HAPPY』)

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