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Touch by Heart

Original/Special Version Cover
BNK48, CGM48
Digital Single
Touch By Heart (หัวใจ๋ใกล้กั๋น)
2020.04.02 (Original)
2020.04.14 (Japanese Version)
2020.04.17 (Lanna Version)
2020.04.20 (Special Version)
2020.04.21 (English Version)
2020.04.28 (Chinese Version)
2020.06.13 (Esan Version)
2020.06.16 (BNK48 x Grab Version)
  1. Touch By Heart (หัวใจ๋ใกล้กั๋น)


"Touch By Heart" is a digital single released by BNK48 and CGM48.

Other Version Covers

Lanna Version
Japanese Version
English Version
Chinese Version
Esan Version
BNK48 x Grab Version

Selected Members

"Touch By Heart"

"Kokoro de Furete"

"Touch By Heart (Lanna Version)"

"Touch By Heart (Special Version)"

"Touch By Heart (English Version)"

"Yong Xin Gan Wu"

"Touch By Heart (Esan Version)"

"Touch By Heart (BNK48 x Grab Version)"

Song Information

Tanuphop Nottayanon (KRUMAN)
Pongchak Phitthanaphorn
Other Information
Arrangement: Pho Shiva Sothiphan
Produced By: Platform Makkasan

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