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Hello, everyone reading this! I am a fan of many types of entertainment, but a huge fan of magical girl manga and anime. SAILOR MOON brought me into the world of anime, but CARDCAPTOR SAKURA changed my life forever. I also like MAGICAL GIRL PRETTY SAMMY, AH! MY GODDESS, PRINCESS TUTU, PETITE PRINCESS YUCIE, FANCY LALA, CORRECTOR YUI, SAINT TAIL and many other magical girl and fantasy series. I am currently a big fan of the idol groups Sakura Gakuin, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Caramel Ribbon, Prizmmy, Jewel Kiss, Candy Kiss, Party Rockets and many others. My favorite idols are Miyoshi Ayaka (Sakura Gakuin, SCOOPERS), Fukada Seina (Caramel Ribbon), Nakano Yuuka (avex artist academy), Konno Yuuka (B Flat, Party Rockets, Aither), Hoshina Mirei (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku), Miyazaki Hina (Prizmmy☆) and more! My other interests include writing stories and poems, watching monster movies, reading, listening to all kinds of music and learning new things about my favorite idols. I was the first person to write in English about Shiritsu Ebisu Chuuagku, Caramel☆Ribbon, Party Rockets, SpringBell feat. MIKA, many avex artist academy kids and groups, PEACEFUL, Aither, RIZE idol groups such as Candy Zoo, loop and FES☆TIVE, CoCo DeCoRu, Pocchimo, amorecarina, école☆primaire and others. I have done much to promote other idols during the early part of their careers, spreading information all around the world, for YuiKaori, Sakura Gakuin, Fairies, Prizmmy☆, Candy Kiss, Minichia Bears and Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI. I have created a few wikis for this very website under different names for the idols I love. My favorite rock group is Deep Purple. For the record, I am a heterosexual male, not a female as my alias and interests would suggest. Thank you for reading this.