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Vampire Knight

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Vampire Knight (ヴァンパイア騎士) is a shojo manga created by Matsuri Hino. The series debuted in January 2005 in the pages of the Japanese monthly shojo magazine, LaLa. In June 2006, the series was added to the North America shojo magazine, Shojo Beat.

Recently, the series has been adapted into a twenty-six episode anime by Studio DEEN. The series premiered on April 7, 2008 on TV Tokyo.


The protagonist Yuki Cross' Memory begins on a snowy night, covered in blood and was just attacked by a vampire. She is rescued by Kaname Kuran, a pure-blood vampire, who takes her to Cross Academy to live under the guidance of its headmaster Kaien Cross.

Ten years after the attack, Yuki is now one of two prefects at Cross Academy, where the day class and night class must be kept seperate because the night class hold a secret: they are all vampires.

Her prefect partner, Zero Kiryu was also taken to Cross academy because of a vampire attack. His family was killed by a female pure-blood vampire possibly due to the fact that the Kiryu family were vampire hunters. Zero was bitten and is slowly falling into the temptation to drink human blood.


  • Cross Yuki (黒主優姫)
She is the main character of the series. When she was five she was attacked by a blood hungry vampire, and save by Kuran Kaname.
Voiced by Horie Yui.
  • Kiryu Zero (錐生 零)
Voiced by Miyano Mamoru.
  • Kuran Kaname (玖蘭枢)
Voiced by Kishio Daisuke.
  • Ichijo Takuma (一条拓麻)
Voiced by Chiba Susumu.
  • Aido Hanabusa (藍堂英)
Voiced by Fukuyama Jun.
  • Kain Akatsuki (架院暁)
Voiced by Suwabe Junichi.
  • Shiki Senri (支葵千里)
Voiced by Hoshi Soichiro.
  • Souen Ruka (早園瑠佳,)
Voiced by Minagawa Junko.
  • Tohya Rima (遠矢莉磨)
Voiced by Kitamura Eri.
  • Seiren (星煉)
Voiced by Mizuno Risa.
  • Headmaster Cross (黒主理事長)
Voiced by Goda Hozumi.
  • Wakaba Sayori (若葉沙頼,)
Voiced by Ueda Kana.
  • Hio Shizuka (緋桜閑,)
Voiced by Sonoda Keiko.


The series has most recently been apdated into an anime, which started airing on April 7, 2008. The show is currently running on TV Tokyo, during the 1:00 JST time slot.

The series is directed by Sayama Kiyoko (佐山 聖子) and prodcued by Studio DEEN and Nihon Ad Systems. The story is based on the original manga by Matsuri Hino. The voice actors are the same as the ones from the drama CDs.

Episode List

# Title Release Date
Season 1: Vampire Knight
1 Vampire no Night (ヴァンパイアの夜 ~ナイト~; Night of the Vampires) 2008.04.07
2 Chi no Memory (血の記憶 ~メモリー~; Memories of Blood) 2008.04.14
3 Sange no Fang (懺悔の牙 ~ファング~; Fangs of Repentance) 2008.04.21
4 Danzai no Trigger (断罪の銃爪 ~トリガー~; Trigger of Conviction) 2008.04.28
5 Gekka no Sabbath (月下の饗宴 ~サバト~; Sabbath Under the Moon) 2008.05.05
6 Karera no Claim (彼等の選択 ~クライム~; Their Claim) 2008.05.12
7 Hishoku no Labyrinth (緋色の迷宮 ~ラビリンス~; Scarlet-Colored Labyrinth) 2008.05.19
8 Nageki no Blast (嘆きの銃声 ~ブラスト~; Blast of Lamention) 2008.05.26
9 Kurenai no Eyes (紅の視線 ~アイズ~; Red Eyes) 2008.05.05
10 Yami no Prisoner (闇の姫 ~プリズナー~; Prisoner of Darkness) 2008.06.02
11 Nozomi no Deal (望みの代償 ~ディール~; The Deal of Desire) 2008.06.09
12 Junketsu no Pride (純血の誓い ~プライド~; The Pride of a Pure Blood) 2008.06.16
13 Shinku no Ring (深紅の鎖 ~リング~; Crimson Ring) 2008.06.23
Season 2: Vampire Knight Guilty
1 Shukumei no Guity (宿命の罪人達 ~ギルティ~; Guilty of Fate) 2008.10.06
2 Eien no Paradox (永遠の約束 ~パラドックス~; The Eternal Paradox) 2008.10.13
3 Ruridama no Mirage (瑠璃玉の肖像 ~ミラージュ~; The Lapis Lazuli Mirage) 2008.10.20
4 Akuma no Libido (悪魔の胎動 ~リビドー~; The Devil Libido) 2008.10.27
5 Juuzoku no Trap (従属の罠 ~トラップ~; The Subordinate's Trap) 2008.11.03
6 Itsuwari no Lovers (偽りの恋人 ~ラヴァーズ~; The Fake Lovers) 2008.11.10
7 Ibara no Kiss (茨の口づけ ~キス~; The Thorny Kiss) 2008.11.17
8 Tsuioku no Spiral (追憶の螺旋 ~スパイラル~; The Spiral of Recollection) 2008.11.24
9 Fukkatsu no Emperor (復活の狂王 ~エンペラー~; The Revived Crazed Emperor) 2008.12.01
10 Tatakai no Prelude (戦いの序曲 ~プレリュード~; The Battle's Prelude) 2008.12.08
11 Futari no Soul (二人の命 ~ソウル~; Our Two Souls) 2008.12.15
12 Sekai no Period (世界の果て ~ピリオド~; Period of the World) 2008.12.22
13 Vampire no Knight (ヴァンパイアの騎士 ~ナイト~; Vampire Knight) 2008.12.29


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