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Yoshié is a Japanese rock musican, best known for her drum work. She made her debut in 1986 with the group Cheese. Yoshi soon started hanging out and working with Shibuya-Kei musicians from él Records, CRU-EL RECORDS, and Trattoria crowd and regular recorded with artists such as Kahimi Karie and CORNELIUS.

In 2009, over 20 years after leaving Cheese the group reunited and recorded a new album.


  • Real Name: Hiragakura Yoshie (平ヶ倉良枝)



Compilation / Other

Composed Works

The following is list of production that feature the drum work of Yoshié.


Pizzicato Five

Kahimi Karie

Kaji Hideki

Sakamoto Maaya

The Surf Coasters


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