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Trattoria (トラットリア) was a record label under POLYSTAR, and was headed by Oyamada Keigo. The label's name comes from the nickname of Oyamada's friend and head of él Records Mike Always' nickname. The label started in 1991 with the release of the FLIPPER'S GUITAR compilation colour me pop and focused on releasing Shibuya-Kei and indie rock music. The label started by releasing a string of compilation records and would soon start promoting new bands like bridge and Venus Peter. The label worked closely with Takimi Kenji's CRU-EL RECORDS and Mike Always' él Records. Trattoria went on to releases foreign artists Would-Be-Goods and Louis Philippe. In 2002 the label closed down with some artists continuing with Polystar or joining indie labels like felicity.

During it's run Trattoria releases some extremely successful and critically acclaim music. Rolling Stone Japan ranked three of their albums on their list of 100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums: CORNELIUS's Fantasma (#10), Kahimi Karie's My First Karie (#48), Kaji Hideki's tea (#100) 100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time.[1]



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