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K.K.Works 1998-2000

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
K.K.WORKS 1998-2000
Catalog Number
  1. Tilt (remix)
  2. What are you wearing?
  3. What are you wearing? (remixed)
  4. Sleepwalking
  5. Pygmalism (remixed)
  6. Turtle Song
  7. Clip Clap
  8. Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan
  9. Harmony Korine
  10. Dear Boy (remixed)
  11. Do you know the time?
  12. Metaphors
  13. The Symphonies of Beethoven
  14. Orly-Narita (remixed)
  15. I can’t wait for summer
  16. Lost in a Paris nightclub


K.K.WORKS 1998-2000 is the fourth compilation released by Kahimi Karie, and her third best-of record. It is a collection of songs released from Kahimi's albums K.K.K.K.K. and Tilt along with the mini-albums Once Upon a Time and JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF ME. K.K.WORKS 1998-2000 is the second best of album released in a row by Polydor; a few months prior the label released a two disc remix and best album K.K.LIMITED EDITION 2000.

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