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Music for Nipper

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EP Cover
Kahimi Karie
Music For Nipper
2008.11.05 (HMS)
2009.02.25 (Victor)
Catalog Number
NCS-646 (HMS)
VICL-63254 (Victor)
  1. Tree Huggers
  2. Ark and Sundogs
  3. Special One


Music For Nipper is the eighth mini-album recorded by Kahimi Karie. It was produced by Kahimi's long time friend Tomoki Kanda who also contributed to K.K.K.K.K., "Girly", and LP Montage. The mini-album was first released under the label His Master's Voice, and was later re-released under Victor Entertainment. "His Master's Voice" is also the name of a painting featuring Nipper who was a dog that served as the model for a painting, and is featured on the album art. Despite the EP only having three tracks, it is considered an album by Oricon. It was Kahimi's last only release up until 2010's full length It's here.

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