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Le Roi Soleil

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
Le Roi Soleil
Catalog Number
PSCR-5500 (Polystar)
menu.99 (Trattoria)
  1. Le Roi Soleil
  2. Take It Easy My Brother Charlie
  3. Ma Langue Au Chat
  4. Son Of A Gun
  5. Wakakusa no Koro (Demo Version) (若草の頃 ; A Fantastic Moment)
  6. Humming ga Kikoeru (ハミングがきこえる; Humming to Myself)


Le Roi Soleil is the fourth mini-album released by Kahimi Karie. The the majority of Kahimi's work up until this point the album was produced by then boyfriend Oyamada Keigo, better known for his solo work as CORNELIUS and half of FLIPPER'S GUITAR. This is Kahimi's last release where she collaborates with Oyamada. The album contains two songs in each language French, Japanese, and English.

The mini-album managed to reach the #9 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank on the chart for a total of seven weeks. This is Kahimi's best selling album according to ORICON STYLE.

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