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I Am a Kitten

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
I am a kitten
Catalog Number
  1. I Am A Kitten
  2. Vogue Bambini
  3. Giapponese A Rome
  4. Nikon 2
  5. The Poisners


I am a kitten is the second mini-album recorded by Kahimi Karie. Unlike Kahimi's previous releases this album was produced by French Avant-garde singer-songwriter Momus, instead of working with her boyfriend Oyamada Keigo. It was released under CRUE-L RECORDS, which she had previously released her two singles under: "Mike Alway's Diary" and "Girly". The EP was released on the same day as her first mini-album My First Karie, which was released under Polystar's Trattoria Shibuya-Kei sub-label. These songs were later covered by Momus on his 20 Vodka Jellies record.

There are several inconsistentses with the labeling of this release. Sometimes the title of the album is elongated to I am a kitten (Kahimi Karie sings Momus in Paris). Oricon Style marks the EP as a single, where as her website and Japanese Wikipedia list is as a mini-album. Track #5 is a misspelling of "The Poisoners" and this was featured on the CD and booklet during the initial printing. It did not rank on the weekly Oricon chart.

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