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Single Cover
Kim Jong Kook & SG Wannabe
Digital Single
Barammanbaramman (바람만바람만; Only Wind Only Wind)
  1. Barammanbaramman (바람만바람만)
  2. Barammanbaramman (Guitar ver.) (바람만바람만)
  3. Barammanbaramman (Instrumental) (바람만바람만)
  4. Barammanbaramman (Han Ga In Narration ver.) (바람만바람만 (한가인 나레이션 ver.))


"Barammanbaramman" is the collaboration single between Kim Jong Kook and vocal group SG Wannabe. The fourth track is a narrated version of the song by actress Han Ga In, who also appears in the cover art and the music video for the song along with the actor Dennis Oh.

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