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Journey Home

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Album Cover
Kim Jong Kook
Journey Home
  1. Niga Saenggakna (니가 생각나; Thinking Of You)
  2. Cheon Gaeui Baljaguk (천 개의 발자국; Thousands of Footprints)
  3. Johgettda (좋겠다; You Should Be Happy)
  4. Namjado Da Geureohji Mwo (남자가 다 그렇지 뭐; Men Are All Like That)
  5. Neomu Yeppeosseo (너무 예뻤어; So Pretty)
  6. Neoege Hago Sipeun (feat. Gary & Haha)(너에게 하고 싶은; Words I Want To Say To You)
  7. Nostalgia (feat. Mikey)
  8. Jiwojinda (지워진다; Disappearing)
  9. Namjado Seulpeuda (feat. Mighty Mouth) (남자도 슬프다; Men Also Feel Sad)
  10. Kkeuti Anin Iyagi (끝이 아닌 이야기; Story That Is Not The End)


Journey Home is the seventh album released by Kim Jong Kook. The song "Namjado Da Geureohji Mwo" was used as a lead track, and it's music video features actor Song Joong Ki.

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