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* '''[[Blood Type]]:''' AB
* '''[[Blood Type]]:''' AB
* '''Height:''' 175cm
* '''Height:''' 175cm
* '''Family:''' Wife, Son
* '''Family:''' Wife, Two Sons
* '''Favorite Artists:''' [[wikipedia:Usher|Usher]], [[wikipedia:Justin Timberlake|Justin Timberlake]]
* '''Favorite Artists:''' [[wikipedia:Usher|Usher]], [[wikipedia:Justin Timberlake|Justin Timberlake]]
* '''Groups:'''
* '''Groups:'''

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Miura Daichi promoting U (2017)

Miura Daichi (三浦大知), or just DAICHI, is the former lead singer of Folder, where he was dubbed "Japan's Smallest Soulman". His showbiz career began at the age of 9 when he wowed audiences with his slick dance moves and strong singing chops. Miura took a break from the music business at the age of 12 when his voice began to change and members of Folder went on to become Folder5. Soon as established artist at 24 years old, he was set to released his third studio album "D.M." on November 30th, 2011.



Studio Albums

Miura Daichi promoting Who's The Man (2009)
Miura Daichi promoting "The Answer" (2010)
Miura Daichi promoting "Two Hearts" (2012)
Miura Daichi promoting The Entertainer (2013)
Miura Daichi promoting FEVER (2015)
Miura Daichi promoting Cry & Fight (2016)

Best Albums

Concept Albums

  • [2018.07.11] Kyuutai (球体; Sphere)

Cover Albums

Mix Albums

Live Albums


Splits Singles

Digital Singles

Other Singles


Video Releases

Other Video Releases

Compilations / Other



Miura Daichi Show Time.jpg

  • [2013.12.07] SHOW TIME!! (Paperback)

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