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14 Message ~Every Ballad Songs 2~

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Every Little Thing
14 message ~every ballad songs 2~
Catalogue Code
AVCD-23205/B (Limited Edition)
AVCD-23206 (Regular Edition)
¥4,500 (Limited Edition)
¥3,059 (Regular Edition)
  2. Kiwoku (キヲク; A Memory)
  3. Ame no Naru Yoru, Shizuku wo Kimi ni (雨の鳴る夜、しずくを君に)
  4. Soraai (ソラアイ)
  5. nostalgia
  6. Shiawase no Fuukei (しあわせの風景)
  7. azure moon
  8. Room (ルーム)
  9. Koibumi (恋文; Love Letter)
  10. Samidare (五月雨)
  11. Kaerimichi (帰り道)
  12. good night
  13. Mata Ashita (また あした; See You Again Tomorrow)
  14. Ai no Uta (愛の謳; Love Song)


14 message ~every ballad songs 2~ is the fifth best album released by Every Little Thing. It celebrates the tenth anniversary of the group's debut. The album includes all their singles, live recordings, and fan-selected tracks spanning their complete history of ballads. The limited edition includes a tenth anniversary booklet full of photographs and interviews. The album reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 10 weeks, selling 117,000 copies.

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