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Rescue Me / Smile Again

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Single Cover
Every Little Thing
Rescue me / Smile Again
Catalog Number
  1. Rescue me (Single Mix)
  2. The One Thing (Single Mix)
  3. Smile Again
  4. Rescue me (Remix)
  5. Smile Again (Dub's knock on remix)
  6. Rescue me (Instrumental)
  7. Smile Again (Instrumental)
  8. The One Thing (Instrumental)


"Rescue me / Smile Again" is the fifteenth single released by Every Little Thing. The songs "Rescue me", "The One Thing" and "Smile Again" appear on their third album, which was released three months before. "Rescue me (Single Mix)" was used as the Gateway Computer "Solo" commercial song, "The One Thing (Single Mix)" was used as the theme song for the movie Cross Fire and "Smile Again" was used as the DyDo "Ti-Ha" commercial song. The single reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for three weeks, selling 99,280 copies.

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